Slow Motion Picture is honored to be chosen to be on the upcoming Ear To Ear Records and Gerpfast Kolektif shoegaze compilation Revolution- The Shoegaze Revival due out on February 11th, 2015. The compilation features 30 amazing acts from across the globe. It was curated by Shauna McLarnon of Ummagma and Marc Joy for Ear to Ear Records, as well as Aditya Pandu Wijaya (Pandu) and Mochamad Romadhon Febriarianto (Ari) for Gerpfast Kolektif. This album is a huge accomplishment and we are so very proud to be a part of it.  Learn more about it here-


The wonderful writers over at The Equal Ground gave us an amazing review of our debut album as well as listed the album as one of their Top Albums on the site. We’re so completely honored.

You can check out the review here:


Slow Motion Picture

In Memory of​.​..​
self-released; 2014

4.2 out of 5 – TOP ALBUM

By Matt Jensen

If you enjoy epic, nostalgic music not unlike that of M83 and Sigur Rós than you are not going to want to miss the debut album from Slow Motion Picture entitled In Memory of​.​.​. There are ten songs on the album all of which were written by Brian Ceaser as a way to cope with the passing of his father. Slow Motion Picture undertakes the task of writing songs, which can often come across as pretentious and contrived and bypass it completely. The songs on this album are heartfelt, visceral and filled to the brim with emotions that feel all too real and relatable.

In Memory of​.​..​ is an intense journey that starts with “Opening.” The first thing you hear is a field recording and someone whispering, “I had a dream.” A mysterious atmosphere develops which is dream-like itself. Once the drums, bass and guitar enter into the picture you are catapulted in an upward momentum that feels as if you are ascending into a spiritual world. I wasn’t expecting the song to abruptly stop and be treated with female vocals but was glad it did.

I was excited for what was next after such a prolific opening and wasn’t disappointed with what unfolds. “From Under Paris” contains excellent vocal melodies that wrap around the soaring music while “I’ve Been Quiet Too Long” is more grounded but just as majestic.

The most poppy and catchy song on the album is “Everything That Was.” “Everything That Was” is hopeful but also dance worthy at times. It an interesting contrast but it works wonderfully. As the album progresses it displays consistently refined songwriting that suggests the band is just getting started. “Mistakes We’ve Made” and  “When This Nightmare Ends Its Course” were two songs that were highlights amongst the batch. The band closes with the longest song on the album entitled “The Wolf.” It’s a powerful ending that doesn’t feel like it can reach any higher before fading away.

After listening to the entire album from start to finish I was exhausted but I also felt cleansed. In Memory of​.​.​. is a cathartic purge that probably isn’t suited for daily visiting but when used at appropriate times it is on the verge of therapeutic. Ceaser used these songs to cope with his father’s death and they are indeed close to his heart but it takes a lot skill, talent and vision to translate those emotions to an audience so they can empathize. In the end Ceaser found the right people to bring his music to a place that connects with the human experience and instills a sense of uniformity. You can’t ask for much more than that.

I’m usually dubious when a band’s debut album is conceptual in nature. Perhaps it feels a little ambitious to come swinging out of the gate with a high-concept narrative. However, New York quintet Slow Motion Picture are an exception to the rule.

On October 28 the band is to release one of the most authentically nuanced albums of the year entitled In Memory Of… Each of the album’s ten songs are based upon a ghost story that multi-instrumentalist/guitarist Brian Caesar wrote in his early twenties as a way to cope with the passing of his father.

The nostalgic ghost story also acted as a catalyst for the cinematic, mysterious quality of the recordings which blend the depth of modern film scores with the airy timbre of early ’90s shoegaze. Haunting vocal melodies, luscious orchestral accompaniment, and endless layers of fuzz-driven guitars paint a visceral picture of loss, mystery, and murder.

We have the pleasure of premiering the album’s title track; a song written from the perspective of a murder victim looking out the window of her apartment at the crowd gathered beneath for her killer, while remembering that she has tragically been taken away from her significant other.

Slow Motion Picture’s debut release In Memory Of arrives in stores on October 28.

We will be celebrating the release of our debut album In Memory of… on Wednesday October 15th, 2014 at the world famous Mercury Lounge in NYC.. We will also be  joined by Brooklyn natives Cantina to support the amazing Nashville singer/songwriter Tristen on her National tour. It will be an amazing night and really hope you can make it.

Wednesday 10/15 9:15p – Mercury Lounge NY, NY

Here comes the most aptly titled band I’ve heard for a little while (on the basis of one track anyway). New York’s Slow Motion Picture introduce a wonderfully dense but controlled cinematic sound on their beautiful debut” Hideout”, a track available via their Bandcamp page now.

The track is an exercise in the loud/quiet dynamic, starting softly with widescreen guitars textures soon joined by a devastatingly pretty vocal before brooding, atmospheric soundscapes rise into focus, simmering with intent, they threaten to fully explode but remain restrained, perfectly suiting the understated feeling of glorious melancholy that runs throughout. It’s a compelling start for sure.

Slow Motion Picture’s debut album In Memory Of… is due October 28th.


—Wow.  The combined power of NY’s Slow Motion Picture just left me speechless.

Their debut track, “Hideout”, is a tour de force of dreamy indie rock that just glows as it gets louder.  You can tell that they were cut from a similar vein as Nicole Atkins, M83, and movies general. There is so much to dissect & analyze within this!   The conclusion that keeps reflecting in my head track screams late-night, early morning love scene between two love lorn characters in a city like New York.  To be so close & far.  Layers people!

Look forward to hearing more as their debut effort, ‘In Memory Of…’, arrives just in time for Halloween.