Slow Motion Picture’s debut album In Memory of… carries a sound that blends the depth of modern film scores with an airy timbre reminiscent of the shoegaze bands of the early 90’s.  The album’s ten intricately composed songs written by guitarist Brian Caesar (As Tall As Lions) and the album’s featured vocalist Lauren Edman (Sleepthief) are based on a series of ghost stories Brian wrote in his early twenties as a way to cope with the passing of his father.  Each song is filled with haunting vocal melodies, luscious orchestral accompaniment and endless layers of fuzz driven guitars, bringing the listener on a journey of pure empathy for each of the ten narratives being told. The band features drummer Aaron Kelly, bassist Dan Timmons and keyboard/synth player Marco T. Together they have played some of the foremost venues of New York and continue to captivate their audience with their stunning sound and soothing visual imagery. 


The band have previously landed opening slots for international touring acts including a sold out performance with Susanne Sunfor and highly praised bands Owel, Braves and Salt Cathedral. Their newly featured vocalist Nikki Smith will act as your guide through the songs’ hidden meanings and buried references, hoping that you will discover something about yourself or your past by the end of the set.